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FORTNITE is family friendly


There aren’t too many first person shooter games out there that are ones that I would let my kids play. I have to say that FORTNITE has proven to be family friendly, so far. Unless you group up with other people, you will not likely hear any profanity (so far anyways), and I hope they keep it that way. As for worrying about people talking, you don’t hear them, and if you don’t want to have anyone join your squad or duo, or any other game modes, just click “Don’t Fill” and you will play with whom you choose. It has a little bit of a learning curb, especially when you been a run and gunner like me; you have to learn to build under fire and learn how to out maneuver your opponent to win. It takes some skills. It took me many games before I got one kill. You have to be aware of your surroundings as well; the storm shrinks the map, so you don’t want to get caught in it, otherwise it will drain your health until your in game character is kicked out the game.
There is no blood and gore either, just simple shoot, blow up, and eliminate your opponents. I hope you get a chance to try it out. Best of all it is free to download and play.

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